Managed Phishing Assessment

Our experienced consultants will create and launch a unique phishing assessment to test both employee susceptibility and reaction to malicious e-mails. Each assessment is tailor made and unique to each client and we work with you if there are specific ideas you would like to test.

An assessment will also allow you to test your current response methodologies and establish whether procedures are being followed once there is a report of a phishing e-mail.

Fidus offer many different phishing simulations, some of which are listed below:

  • Credential based assessments
  • Malware based assessments
  • ‘Ransomware’ based assessments

Every aspect of our phishing assessment can be tailored to best fit your organisation and your current defences such as mail filtering.

Short Video Explaining The Truth About Phishing

Anti Phishing Solutions

Whilst there are products aimed at preventing phishing on the marketplace, they can not be seen as 100% reliable and provide full protection. For example, just because you have a burglary alarm on your home it does not mean your home will never be targeted and broken into.

Email Phishing Protection

To successfully defend against phishing it is important to focus on the source of the problem and branch out. In the case of phishing, the first area to focus on is employee awareness and training. If employee’s are trained to spot and never click phishing e-mails, it greatly decreases the likelihood of a phishing attack. Whereas if an anti-phishing solution is in use and an attacker manages to bypass this you reach the problem where employees will inherently trust the e-mail because they know you have 3rd party products in place to prevent these attacks.

Contact us now to arrange a scoping meeting and see how Fidus can help achieve your business goals. Phishing engagements should be conducted alongside penetration testing for the maximum return on investment.


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