Physical Penetration Test

Often overlooked as a real threat, Physical Security poses a true risk to any organisation. Investment into Cyber Security is not complete if an attacker has the ability to walk onto your premises and plug into the internal network which is why we offer a Physical Security Assessment service.

As humans, employees do not tend to challenge people they do not recognise, but instead try to be as helpful as possible. This can be seen in the form of holding doors open for guests to your building. Do you really know who they are?

A typical Physical Security assessment will allow Fidus to assess the following:

  • Patterns in all employees, including 3rd parties
  • Entry points into your building(s)
  • Use of anti-tailgating barriers or similar

By utilising the above, Fidus will evaluate whether it is possible to gain access as an external entity.

Once inside your organisation, Fidus will further evaluate internal controls such as:

  • Door Controls
  • Network Defences

Common related assessments include:


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