Web Application Security Services

Let our highly qualified team of specialists perform both mobile and web application assessments in the same way an adversary would, with the intention of finding the most severe security hole. Applications are the forefront for most organisations and are a gateway to a wealth of internal resources and confidential information.

Due to their highly connected nature, applications are ripe targets for attackers and those with malicious intent. Both web and mobile applications typically are linked with numerous internal resources and database to allow for the running of the app. Once an attacker has a foothold on an application, it becomes much easier to leverage this to move internally into your network or use the connected databases to pull out client information.

Our experienced and skilled team at Fidus abide by industry recognised methodologies, such as OWASP, to assess your applications and pick out even the slightest of issues which may be present. Although your application may not suffer from any critical or high risk issues, it may be possible to chain several low or medium risk issues to have a similar effect.

Some of the most common assessments performed are listed below:

  • Web Service Assessments
  • API Assessments
  • iOS Assessments
  • Android Assessments

Common related assessments include:

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