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What is an Infrastructure Assessment?

Weaknesses within your network infrastructure are used by cyberattackers to gain entry to protected resources – like personal data or financial systems. Once inside your network, attackers can exfiltrate data, extort money or cause general disruption and destruction.

An infrastructure assessment probes your network nodes and software, identifying vulnerabilities before they are exploited. Using the same tools and techniques as the criminals, Fidus consultants scan and analyse every aspect of your infrastructure searching for weaknesses that need to be addressed.

Why Perform an Infrastructure Assessment?


Prioritised action plan

An infrastructure assessment will identify and prioritise vulnerabilities. The test results report includes an action plan so you know what to address first.


Check your security provisions

Your network will already include a number of security provisions – but are they still effective? An infrastructure assessment will confirm their effectiveness and advise on potential improvements that could be made.


Routine system testing

Some frameworks, like PCI DSS, demand regular testing of security provisions. Infrastructure assessment services from Fidus will ensure you meet your compliance requirements and achieve the necessary certifications.


Protect your customers

Customers are increasingly concerned about how their personal data is treated by businesses. Infrastructure tests prove that you are taking customer privacy seriously.


Secure your corporate reputation

As well as fines and costs associated with network infrastructure breaches, your corporate reputation will also suffer. Fixing problems before they are exploited will keep customers on board – and help to attract new ones too.

Our Approach

Assume you’ve already been compromised

Fidus consultants start every infrastructure assessment from the assumption that your network has already been breached. We search for potential weaknesses at the node level and the tell-tale signs that they have already been exploited.

Full software audit

Every application represents a potential attack surface. The Fidus team will audit all of your software assets, paying special attention to those applications which are out of date, or unsupported by the vendor. We can help you draw up an action plan for applying the necessary patches and bringing applications up to date.

Passwords, protocols and permissions

Every infrastructure assessment looks at passwords, protocols and permissions for servers, systems, applications and file stores. We help you identify misconfigurations, default credentials and improperly secured files that provide easy access for criminals.

Going beyond automation

To reduce the chance of risk factors being missed, Fidus combine automated vulnerability scanning tools with the knowledge and experience of their consultants. This is exactly the same approach adopted by cybercriminals, giving Fidus infrastructure assessments – and results – increased credibility.

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Why Fidus?

Penetration testing reveals your most sensitive network vulnerabilities – so you need a partner you can trust. Fidus Information Security are an NCSC CHECK Green Light and TIGER scheme approved consultancy. Our cyber security experts hold some of the most recognised certifications in the industry, including CREST Certified Tester and Senior Security Tester. Fidus is also a Cyber Essentials verified company. Every assessment we perform is carried out according to UK industry approved methodologies (OWASP, PETS, NIST) along with our own internal testing frameworks.

Remedial Support

More than just identifying security vulnerabilities, our cyber security experts are on hand to help you fix them too.

Certified Security Consultants

Our CREST and TIGER approved team holds a range of industry-leading security certifications including OSCP, CCT, SST and CISSP

Easy to Understand Reports

We’ll ensure that your executives and technical teams properly understand our assessment findings using plain-English reporting.

Fixed Price Proposals

The price you’re quoted is the price you’ll pay. Our quotes are broken down into a detailed costing table so you know exactly what to expect.

The Industry Average

Other approaches we've witnessed have included convoluted steps and commonly ends with incorrect information being handed to the consultant assigned to the engagement.

The Fidus Way

Our approach to security involves a qualified security consultant through the entire process to ensure quality, accuracy and consistency.

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    “Oysta is very happy with the support, service and dedication of the Fidus team. Working with the Oysta team every step of the way, not only did they check all security on the device, they also provided feedback on the quality of the hardware. I will be working with Fidus again.”

    Mario Zuccaro, Founder and CEO, Oysta Technology

    June 2019

    “We have been really pleased with the service provided by Fidus. We have found them to be extremely easy to work with. We also felt their fee structure was reasonable. We would recommend Fidus to anyone looking for a PCI pen testing partner.”

    Andy Phillips, Inspired Outsourcing

    May 2019

    “Great service. Gave us exactly what we needed, as promised.”

    Philip Cunnington, TalkPlus NHS

    January 2019

    “We were extremely pleased with the service, knowledge and professionalism shown by Fidus. After the remediation phase, we then ran a phishing exercise with them to remind staff of the need to be vigilant with external email communications. I would have no hesitation in using or recommending Fidus in the future due to the quality of work carried out at a great price.”

    Graeme Thistlethwaite, ICT, Business Change and Business Support Manager

    “Fidus provided a high quality penetration service at a reasonable price … communications were great … the Pen test team flexed around us and our other commitments to get the job done. Thanks!”

    Darren Crombie, CEO, Upstream Outcomes

    October 2018