Internal Infrastructure & External Infrastructure

Let our highly qualified team of specialists conduct an infrastructure assessment in the same way an adversary would. Our team compromises of both TIGER scheme and CREST certified testers, each with a wealth of experience delivering these engagements.

Whilst many organisations use largely automated assessments to identify issues, we at Fidus believe this provides an inaccurate representation of your current security posture and leaves far too many doors open, including those of false positives.

Our Infrastructure assessments go beyond a fully automated assessment and utilise methods used by adversaries in real world attacks. This allows us to focus on truly securing your key assets.

A few of the high-level checks we preform can be seen below:

  • Evaluation of currently established patching policy.
  • Detection of outdated and unsupported software, both Operating System level and software level, active on the network.
  • Default credential enumeration.
  • Legacy protocol detection.
  • Unsecured sensitive file checks.


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