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Research 21 February 2018
NoMachine Un-initialised Variable Privilege Escalation – A fuzz-less exploit tutorial – CVE-2018-6947

Before we start.. In this post we will be walking through a vulnerability we identified in NoMachine version 6.0.66_2 and lower that can lead to privilege escalation or denial of service. To start this post, we would like to say a massive thank you to the NoMachine team who were awesome, they acknowledged and triaged […]

Research 19 February 2018
FSLabs Flight Simulation Labs Dropping Malware to Combat Piracy? Is this DRM gone mad?

Introduction This morning, Fidus’ Penetration Testing team stumbled upon some troubling posts on Reddit accusing FSLabs of bundling a Google Chrome password stealer into their flagship flight simulator product in order to ‘combat piracy’. Yep, it’s as crazy as it sounds. First thoughts on the matter raises numerous questions: What legal boundaries is this pushing, […]

Research 14 February 2018
Remote Code Execution (CVE-2018-5767) Walkthrough on Tenda AC15 Router

Introduction In this post we will be presenting a pre-authenticated remote code execution vulnerability present in Tenda’s AC15 router. We start by analysing the vulnerability, before moving on to our regular pattern of exploit development – identifying problems and then fixing those in turn to develop a working exploit. N.B – Numerous attempts were made […]

Breaches 14 January 2018
OnePlus Checkout Hacked? The Dangers of On-Site Payment Processing

Introduction Recently members of the Fidus team noticed an interesting blog post on the OnePlus forum by an individual discussing recent fraudulent attempts made on two of their credit cards. The forum user states that the only place both cards were used was on the OnePlus website in November 2017, they go on to ask […]

Research 10 January 2018
Rumble In The Jungo – A Code Execution Walkthrough – CVE-2018-5189

Code Execution (CVE-2018-5189) Walkthrough on Jungo Windriver 12.5.1 Introduction Windows kernel exploitation can be a daunting area to get into. There are tons of helpful tutorials out there and originally this post was going to add to that list. This is the story of how I found CVE-2018-5189 and a complete walkthrough of the exploit development […]

Research 17 October 2017
Remote Code Execution (CVE-2017-13772) Walkthrough on a TP-Link Router

Introduction In this post, I will be discussing my recent findings while conducting vulnerability research on a home router: TP-Link’s WR940N home WiFi router. This post will outline the steps taken to identify vulnerable code paths, and how we can exploit those paths to gain remote code execution. I will start by describing how I […]

Phishing 22 June 2017
How to prevent phishing attacks

There’s no doubt that phishing is becoming more and more of a problem due to it’s successful and personalised nature. In fact, most of us have probably clicked on an e-mail that seemed legitimate at one point or another. In the recently published Cyber Security Breaches Survey 2017 , it was reported that fraudulent and […]