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Research 29 April 2019
A Primer on Widevine and How It Can Be Abused to Download Encrypted Movies/Shows

First things first, what is Widevine? Widevine is an encryption framework that is used for digital rights management (DRM). It’s owned by Google, but used by a huge array of content creators and streaming services, on account of it being royalty free to use and implement. With 5 billion devices shipped that support it and […]

Research 16 April 2019
Dude, Where’s My Car?

Keyless Car Theft 101 The Low-Down Traditionally, cars were secured using a mechanical lock and a key. Car thieves would be able to circumvent this in a number of ways, including picking the lock, smashing a window, hotwiring the car and using tools to unlock the car from the inside. New breakthroughs in car technology […]

Scams 23 January 2019
Turning The Tables on Virgin Media Twitter Scammers

Yesterday whilst complaining to Virgin Media on Twitter about my broken internet I encountered a very interesting scam attempt. Within minutes of posting a complaint I got two replies; one from Virgin Media themselves in a public message and another from somebody purporting to be from Virgin Media in my DM’s. It was a very […]

Scams 31 October 2018
No Such Thing As A Free Lunch (Or Chocolate In This Case)

Everyone will have countlessly heard that “if something is too good to be true, it probably is,” yet time and time again people fall for the same lazy Facebook scams. My Mum was one of these people. She had shared the above post on her Facebook, claiming that chocolate manufacturer Cadbury would be rewarding anyone […]

Corporate 28 September 2018
Startup to CHECK Approval in 13 Months

Fidus Information Security is proud to announce that we have been approved to be a member of the NCSC CHECK Scheme. As a CHECK service provider we are authorised to assess IT Systems for Her Majesty’s Government and other public sector bodies. In receiving this certification we have been recognised by the NCSC as among […]

Corporate 25 May 2018
Ultimate Cyber Security Guide For Businesses

For today’s executives, senior managers, and entrepreneurs, the online world offers amazing opportunities to connect with new customers, open up in brand new markets, and empower their employees to innovate and to reach their full potential. A lot of what happens in business today is, quite frankly, unimaginable to the generations of executives, senior managers, […]

Corporate 19 May 2018
What To Look For In An Effective Penetration Test

As the profile of penetration testing grows, a wider variety of service options and providers are entering the marketplace. This gives businesses more choice when deciding on the package to pick. But not all penetration tests are created equal, so here are a few things to look out for to help you select the most […]