Who Are Fidus Information Security?

Fidus Information Security are a UK based organisation providing Penetration Testing & Cyber Security services globally. Fidus’ clients stretch across Europe and the United States and include UK based FTSE 100 companies, countless SME’s and a large selection of public sector organisations.

Starting in a garage of one of the founders in 2017 (cliché, I know), Fidus have grown from an idea to a fully operational, well respected and profitable start-up.

Fidus Information Security are a privately owned organisation with no external funding, meaning all decisions are made by our directors. (psst, they’re also Penetration Testers). This allows the company to remain very close-knit and allows for an extremely positive work environment for all employees – something which we intend to keep alive for the lifetime of the company.

Fidus only employ highly qualified consultants to be part of the team and all new junior consultants are put through a rigorous training process (planned and designed by Penetration Testers!) before conducting any form of client work.

We operate a consultancy based business model, assigning a dedicated consultant from the inception of a scope through to the delivery of a report.

Our business model sets out to tailor our services based on client feedback and private C-Level dinners to ensure we are providing the best service possible. We take all feedback seriously and we strive to be the best consultancy in the world. It’s still early days, but world domination is definitely on the cards.

Fidus' Penetration Testing Engagement Structure